How to decorate a house in Japanese style

Japanese lamps

The fashion for decorating houses in the Japanese style came to us in the middle of the 19th century, when trade between Europe and the Far East began to develop actively. Since then, the traditional Japanese philosophy of Zen has never ceased to inspire us with its simplicity and naturalness, which are embodied in minimalist design and architecture. Line, form, space, light and material play a major role here. With

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Arabic style in the interior

Arabic style

The Arabic style in the interior of the house is, first of all, a tribute to the traditions of the oriental way of life. And every detail in the design of the space must be thought out and correspond to the culture of this world. History of occurrence At the heart of the Arab way of life is religion, which permeates all spheres of Eastern life. Therefore, she did not

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Painting porcelain: it’s so easy!

Painting porcelain

Heirlooms from grandparents, finds from the flea market or porcelain that we discarded years ago: This month our decoration expert shows us how to creatively spice up old crockery in no time at all. Painting porcelain: That’s how it’s done! Painting porcelain – Step 1: Thoroughly clean the porcelain with washing-up liquid and remove any grease. Then measure the inner diameter of the plate and transfer it to paper. Draw

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