Arabic style in the interior

Arabic style in the interior

Arabic style in the interior

The Arabic style in the interior of the house is, first of all, a tribute to the traditions of the oriental way of life. And every detail in the design of the space must be thought out and correspond to the culture of this world.

History of occurrence

At the heart of the Arab way of life is religion, which permeates all spheres of Eastern life. Therefore, she did not bypass the rules for the design and decoration of living spaces. The first thing that distinguishes the life of the East is the secrecy of the inner way of the family. It is with this that the fact is connected that for a long time the principles of the Arabic interior style were unknown to the broad masses of the world’s population. And only in the middle of the 19th century did Europe discover the wealth of oriental decoration.

In contrast to the constant alternation in interior design styles that are fashionable in different periods of time in the European part of the world, the Arabic style is very conservative and dictated by loyalty to tradition, and therefore has not changed for many centuries. This is not only its design, but also historical value.
The second distinctive feature of oriental interiors is that not a single animated creature is reflected in any of the ornaments, lush patterns, ornate elements. This rule prescribes the sacred scripture of Muslims. That is why the variety of oriental paintings is so rich in cyclic ornaments and patterns.
Following the traditions of the nomadic lifestyle still dictates peculiar rules in the decoration and design of the oriental interior: this is the wealth of textiles, the decoration of rooms in the form of tents with the help of canopies and many pillows and carpets, which were once straightened right on the sands of the desert during long wars or trading trips.

The Arabic-style room is decorated with oriental patterns, carpets, colorful pillows and many accessories.

Character traits

Palette of colors

The Arabic style of the interior is the richness of colors and the style of luxury in every element of decoration. The palette of interior colors is so diverse that it creates a feeling of celebration.

You are not bound by any choice or limitation. Feel free to give the walls, ceiling and floor rich shades: green, red, blue. Do not forget about the mandatory introduction of gold, bronze or silver into the interior.

Arab sheikhs sought to show wealth, first of all, with the help of the decoration of their homes.

Advice! Remember that colors for interior design do not have to be used in their pure form. Opting for the midtones of each color won’t bore you with its harsh contrast and will create a more elegant atmosphere in your home.

The Arabic style in the design of an apartment is not always the brightness of colors; sometimes, to create an elegant atmosphere of the East, it is worth decorating the interior in halftones

Decoration Materials

The most demanded materials for creating the atmosphere of the East are, of course, ceramic tiles and carved wood.

Modern technologies make it possible to decorate ceramics with the most incredible pattern painting. Decorate the floor or walls with this material in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the bathroom and the luxurious mood of the East will always be with you. If you are decorating the interior of your own home, use patterned mosaic tiles to decorate an oriental bath or sauna.

Mosaic in an Arab house is in great demand, it allows you to be not only practical, but also an extremely elegant coating.

Do not be afraid to give preference to the monochromatic design of the walls and floor. In the future, this will make it possible to decorate the space with bright patterned carpets, openwork wall panels, carved decoration with mirrors and lamps.

Arabic style

The interior of the rooms in the Arabic style is embodied in a variety of options adapted to modernity.

Do not forget about the design features of window and door openings in the form of arched shapes. Often even the glass itself is covered with carved decor. This also conceals the meaning of the mystery of what is happening on the other side of the whole world.

Important! It is not necessary to change the shape of the openings. To decorate them in the Arabic style, various wooden, metal and even decorative adhesive linings are offered.

Arabic windows and doors are distinguished by their shape, which is easy to give with the help of special panels.

Numerous cozy niches for small things are another feature of the Arabic style, which can be easily and quickly made using drywall, and their number and appearance will depend only on your imagination and desire.

If space permits, decorate the living room with traditional Arabic-style colonnades, decorate the vault in the form of a dome, or use coffered ceilings in the interior.

The Arabic style in the design is high ceilings and spacious living rooms, but at the same time, the comfort and a certain behind-the-scenes of the rooms.

Suitable furniture and accessories

The richness of patterns and the luxury of design also touched on Arabic-style furniture.

  1. Sofas of the East are a comfortable thick mattress at the base, covered with colorful patterned fabric, complemented by pillows and bolsters. Often such furniture is devoid of armrests, or has a carved wooden frame.

Advice! If the colorful colors on upholstered furniture seem too colorful to you, it is quite possible to get by with a more restrained texture in the design of the main fabric of the product. Sofa colored pillows and rugs will help to introduce elements of Arabic design.

Arabic-style upholstered furniture can be upholstered in elegant fabric or simply decorated with openwork pillows; Arabic-style upholstered furniture can be upholstered in elegant fabric or simply decorated with openwork pillows.

Arabic style
  1. Massive carved wooden tables and wide office chairs made of genuine leather perfectly demonstrate the influence of the Arab business world, so this design, if you have a separate office in your home, is quite appropriate and conducive to a business mood and solving financial problems.

Arabic style in the office will always emphasize the representative business atmosphere of the space.

  1. An Arabic-style bed is a materialized embodiment of an Arabian fairy tale, the world of which is full of rich textiles, canopies, many pillows and bedspreads. All this not only looks luxurious, but also contributes to the state of comfort, coziness and good rest.

Bed in Arabic style is a living embodiment of oriental tales. In such a space it is impossible not to feel like a real princess.

  1. The screen will fit perfectly as a bedroom decor. Its design can be very different: from textile inserts embroidered with patterns into frames to wooden openwork details.
  2. A separate place in the design of the Arabic style is played by accessories. Their variety is so great that it is impossible to become banal when choosing them. Mirrors in a rich openwork frame or a frame with a mosaic pattern, vases of various sizes, candlesticks, floor lamps, paintings and panels will help to decorate an oriental-style apartment. A hookah will help to put an oriental accent in the room, which, in addition to being decorative, can also have a practical purpose on a cozy evening with friends.
  3. Dishes set an oriental mood in the interior of the kitchen. In addition to cutlery itself, silver trays, fruit stands, decorative plates, painted napkins, towels and tablecloths are widely used.

An abundance of textiles
Arabic style is known throughout the world for the luxury of textiles. Its abundance is a distinctive feature of the style.

The variety of fabrics that can be used in the design of the space is very large. Heavy rich velvet and velor, embroidered tapestry, light and elegant silk. Use textiles to decorate not only furniture or windows, but also walls and even ceilings.

Textiles in the Arabic interior play one of the main roles in home decor.

Oriental patterned carpets are known all over the world. Their value only grows over the years, because they are the embodiment of painstaking manual labor, dedication and loyalty to the traditions of the craftsmanship of ancient craftsmen. Exclusive products are distinguished by high price and inimitable luxury of ornament.

The Arab world is rugs, weightless canopies and curtains with hangings decorated with tassels, an abundance of colorful pillows on sofas, armchairs, beds and on the floor, instead of the usual armchairs.

Advice! Do not be afraid to overdo it with colors and a variety of textiles in the setting. Remember that it is the basis of all Arabic style. This is the moment when there is never too much textile.

Lighting principles

The atmosphere of the Arab world is not conducive to bright blinding lighting. Light sources are designed, first of all, to create a warm cozy world. The soft light of floor lamps, candles and sconces is the best way to immerse yourself in the world of Arabian fairy tales.

Wrought iron pendants are very popular in the design of Arabic-style light sources, which were once used as candlesticks, and today are quite capable of transferring the atmosphere of traditional lighting with warm light lamps.

However, the central light, streaming from luxurious crystal or richly gilded metal from the ceiling in the decorated center of the room, is also an integral part of the Arabic-style lighting.

Arabic-style chandeliers come in a wide variety of shapes, but are always eye-catching interior accents.

Advice! Pay special attention to this element of decor, as it often determines the illumination of the entire space, the elegance of highlights and the atmosphere of the entire room.

Interior photo in Arabic style

If you can’t imagine your home without the noisy range of Arabic decor, but you can’t unequivocally make a choice in favor of a particular design, the Arab fairy tale captured in the photo in a modern version is designed to help you.


It is the bedroom that is the embodiment of Arabian elegance and the benevolent atmosphere of a good rest.

The bedroom in an Arab house is a concentration of grace, comfort and splendor.

Living room

The space of the living room in the Arabic style is designed to demonstrate luxury and wealth, while even being somewhat defiant. An abundance of gilded accessories, expensive handicrafts, a variety of large-scale design of space – all these are the necessary components of an Arab home.

The living room in Arabic design is conducive to a slow and sincere pastime


The comfort of a family hearth begins with the kitchen. Arabic style in the kitchen emphasizes the richness of kitchen utensils, their value and exclusivity.

The Arabic-style kitchen combines the bright variegation of ceramic mosaics, the comfort of luxurious textiles, and the elegance of oriental utensils.


The famous patterns and mosaics of the Arab countries are extremely popular in bathroom design. It is in this style that plumbing fixtures of gold or bronze colors, massive taps, towel holders, curtain rods and other plumbing accessories are appropriate.

An Arabic-style bathroom can be a real work of oriental art. And this is reflected in the luxurious details of the interior.