Gift for moving & for new neighbors

Gift for moving & for new neighbors

Gift for moving & for new neighbors

Gifts for moving or for new neighbors
A friend or family member has just moved or you have got new neighbors and are looking for a suitable welcome gift? Then we have some nice gift tips for moving or for new neighbors for you:

Classic gifts for moving or for new neighbors.

If you want to give a classic gift, then we recommend the following presents:

The classic gift for moving into a new apartment is usually a set consisting of bread and salt. You can make this yourself, for example, by means of a small basket, which you fill with a pot of salt and a loaf of bread. The bread symbolizes the desire to always have enough food in the house, whereas the salt (used to be one of the most valuable spices) symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
Or how about a lovingly designed Irish blessing, which you can place on a clay or wooden plaque, for example.
Classic gifts also include gift books, champagne or wine bottles, key chains, greeting cards, or slate, wood or bronze plaques with a house blessing.

gifts for moving

More ideas for moving gifts

In addition to the classic gifts, there are a variety of other options for what to bring someone for the move or the housewarming party of the new apartment or house.

A nice photo of the new apartment environment is recommended, which you can have designed by a picture service, for example, as a puzzle.
An original welcome gift would also be a present related to the street name (e.g. a short biography, if the street was named after a certain personality, etc.).
Or you can give an incense set, which is perfect for blessing the new home.
A city map with cultural tips etc. is also a good gift.
Doormats, which are designed with a witty saying, are also a popular gift.
Also popular gifts are vouchers for furnishing and furniture stores, so that the new apartment can be furnished accordingly.

Original gifts for the new apartment

A very funny gift idea for moving in is a waving solar pope from the company Kikkerland, from which the manufacturer donates 2% of the sales proceeds to UNICEF. This can be placed on the window sill as a decoration.
Among the more original gifts is also a survival box with sticking plaster chamomile tea, chocolate (against sadness), candle & lighter (so as not to sit in the dark), magnifying glass, hammer & nails, cardboard dishes, emergency numbers (from the circle of friends / clique).
How about a weather house? This is not only decorative, but the presentee always knows what weather is coming.

gifts for moving

Other gift ideas for moving in or topping-out ceremony

As a real Christian gift, a plaque or a sign made of slate, wood or bronze with a beautiful house blessing is recommended.
Or give away a small key box with a pretty motif. Such a storage place for the key to the new apartment or house is quite often still missing.
A nice accessory matching the new apartment key are key rings, which are available with very different motifs. Here, a pendant with a Christian motif such as angel, St. Christopher or the fish symbol is recommended.

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