Painting porcelain: it’s so easy!

Painting porcelain: it’s so easy!

Painting porcelain: it’s so easy!

Heirlooms from grandparents, finds from the flea market or porcelain that we discarded years ago: This month our decoration expert shows us how to creatively spice up old crockery in no time at all.

Painting porcelain: That’s how it’s done!

Painting porcelain – Step 1:

Thoroughly clean the porcelain with washing-up liquid and remove any grease. Then measure the inner diameter of the plate and transfer it to paper. Draw or write the design on the paper with a pencil and cut it out.

Painting porcelain – step 2:

Cut the copy paper in the same way, place it on the plate under the design and stick it in place with masking tape or adhesive tape. Now trace the design with a sharp pencil so that the drawing is transferred to the porcelain.

Painting porcelain – Step 3:

Remove the draft and the copy paper, write or draw what has been traced with a porcelain marker.

Painting porcelain – Step 4:

Or draw freehand with porcelain crayons on the porcelain – if something goes wrong you can fix the mistake with a cloth and some ethanol, then clean the porcelain with water and washing-up liquid, dry it and continue drawing. Bake the color in the oven at 170 degrees for 30 minutes. After that it is dishwasher safe.

Painting porcelain – Step 5:

You can also decorate old porcelain with porcelain stickers, because the stickers stick to glass, porcelain and smooth ceramics. The surface to be glued must be dust-free, grease-free and dry. Cut out the motif with a margin of at least 1.5 millimeters, carefully peel off the white background paper, place on the dish and rub thoroughly with a cloth to remove all air bubbles. Now peel off the transfer foil and let it dry for two hours. If porcelain pens and stickers are combined, the color of the pens must first be baked. Then the stickers can be stuck on.

Painting porcelain

Glue on the porcelain sticker

Self-painted porcelain – old crockery as a new decorative element!
The individually designed crockery is ready. The newly designed plates and cups can also be used wonderfully as decoration. Simply arrange the porcelain on a shelf – a real eye-catcher in the kitchen and dining room.