The 4 best smart home control panels 2022

The 4 best smart home control panels 2022

The 4 best smart home control panels 2022

We show the currently most popular smart home systems and have also looked at the best smart home control panels for you and selected recommended ones. In addition, we have recommendations, cheap and discounted systems, as well as currently newly released modules clearly arranged. Our buying guide is a decision-making tool to help you make the right choice.

Smart home control panels are essential for controlling the networked systems in the house. The control center automatically controls several devices and optimizes the automation of the smart home in this way, without the user having to deal with it. In addition to the simple use of the systems, the focus is on user-friendliness and a wide range of functions. Due to the large selection of smart home systems, certain points must be considered before buying.

This selection of smart home systems

Checklist for the purchase of a smart home system

Type: Smart home control panels are either open or closed. This means whether devices from other manufacturers can be networked via the wireless protocol or not. If, for example, only devices from the same supplier are to be used, a closed system is selected and vice versa.
Connection type: Devices are connected to the system either via radio (usually 868 MHz band), WLAN, DECT variants and more rarely Bluetooth. For example, pure WLAN devices cannot be connected to a system that uses only radio.
Number of devices: The number of devices indicates the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the system. The signal may degrade if too many devices are connected.
Compatibility: The compatibility with other services such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri is indicated via the manufacturer’s description. Depending on the requirements, these can be integrated into the system.
Range of functions: Depending on the manufacturer, smart home control panels offer a wide range of functions. These range from voice control and plug-and-play integration to automatic opening of the blinds when the sun is shining. The functions have a positive effect on the comfort and control options of the system.

Recommended smart home systems:

  • Amazon: Alexa & Echo Show 15
  • Homematic Smart Home Zentrale
  • Bosch Smart Home
  • homee Smart Cube

The 4 most popular smart home control panels

This selection of smart home systems is recommended by our editorial team, we have sorted them by popularity and recency. The products listed here have generated a high level of customer satisfaction from other buyers and have stood out due to the number of purchases and positive reviews.

Amazon Smart Home: Alexa & Echo Show 15

Amazon’s smart home system is controlled by Echo devices and is equipped with the intelligent voice assistant Alexa all components connect via the Alexa app. The entire smart home system can be used by voice control via the Echo Show 15 smart display. The integrated devices, including for example lights, thermostats or door locks, are used exclusively via the voice of the user. At the same time, the system has numerous data protection and control measures to ensure maximum security. The Alexa app is used to configure the system on the smartphone and adapt it to the user’s own needs.

Behind the Echo Show 15 is the latest variant of the popular Smart Display, which is used as the supporting user interface of the user’s own Alexa Smart Home. The size of 15.6 inches facilitates use with a sharp resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 p (Full HD) in portrait or landscape mode.
Due to the low weight of 2.2 kg, mounting it on the wall is possible without any problems when the tilting stand, which is available as an accessory, is not used. The Echo Show 15 is primarily used as a control center via an Echo Hub. Networked devices are displayed on the screen via a widget and can either be turned on or checked. If it is a surveillance or doorbell camera, a picture-in-picture function is also available. Other features of the Echo Show 15 as follows:

  • Appointment calendar
  • Shopping and to-do lists
  • Streaming (e.g. Amazon Prime, Netflix and Audible)
  • Search for dishes
  • Search for suitable restaurants
  • Voice and picture ID for authorized use

Control is either via the touchscreen or Alexa via voice commands. This reduces the effort for users in everyday life. Furthermore, the smart display is equipped with a 5 MP camera, which can be closed at will via the integrated cover. Amazon relies on aluminum and plastics from recycled sources to manufacture the Echo Show 15 devices.

Homematic Smart Home control panel

The Homematic Smart Home control panel is made in Germany and features a quad core ARM processor, 8 GB of flash memory and an effective 64-bit architecture. It is designed with customization options that allow users to adjust every aspect of the smart home to their liking. The control panel is compatible with Homematic wireless devices and wired devices from other manufacturers. Thanks to AES-128 encryption and 868 and 869.525 MHz radio protocol, secure use of the control panel is enabled.

Bosch Smart Home

The Bosch Smart Home Controller offers a control panel for the manufacturer’s Smart Home system, which can be used to optimally control up to 100 devices via the 868 MHz radio protocol or 2.4 GHz WLAN. The individual devices can be switched into the system as desired. It is possible to switch the Bosch system from a closed to an open one. The system always remains up to date via the free updates. The communication between the controller and the individual devices is done via WPA2 encryption, which enables the highest security.

The homee smart center consists of the BrainCube, from which all other elements are controlled.

The homee smart center consists of the BrainCube, from which all other elements are controlled. Designed and produced in Germany, the system is completely open and can be combined with devices from other manufacturers as long as radio languages such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, EnOcean, as well as WLAN or DECT ULE are supported. The system can also be equipped with additional cubes, which are configured together with the control panel via the homee app.

EnOcean Cube – control via app – voice control with Alexa and Google – Siri