Four questions to ask yourself before buying a yacht.


How to choose your first yacht and not regret it.Before you start looking for “the very boat”, it is worth spending a little time preparing. The future owner of a yacht should start with an analysis of his own lifestyle: hobbies, preferences in clothes, cars. After all, a yacht, like other luxury items, is a kind of “continuation” of the owner’s personality. An introvert who values ​​secluded relaxation with his

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Painting porcelain: it’s so easy!

Painting porcelain

Heirlooms from grandparents, finds from the flea market or porcelain that we discarded years ago: This month our decoration expert shows us how to creatively spice up old crockery in no time at all. Painting porcelain: That’s how it’s done! Painting porcelain – Step 1: Thoroughly clean the porcelain with washing-up liquid and remove any grease. Then measure the inner diameter of the plate and transfer it to paper. Draw

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Set up Home Gym 2022

Home Gym

What is the best home gym equipment? The equipment you need depends on the goal you want to achieve and the training method you use. Below you will find the basic equipment for home gym equipment. This is only a suggestion and in our opinion the most important and best combination to guarantee the best possible workout. When setting up your home gym, you should ask yourself if you want

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Checklist apartment purchase: 10 tips to the lucky grip


What you should pay attention to when buying a condominiumYou have decided to buy a condominium. Whether you want to move in yourself or buy the apartment as an investment and rent it out, it’s important to consider a few points before you buy. Use the ten most important points we have compiled for you to create a checklist for yourself. We’ll also show you the five most common buying

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Smart home security systems at a glance

Smart home security systems

Digital technologies are a real asset to the security concept of any home. From video surveillance and alarm systems to smart doors and intercoms, there are numerous ways to digitally secure your home. On vacation, “virtual residents” and magnetic contacts on windows and drawers are helpful. Via the cloud, it is possible to evaluate and process the data collected by the security systems. This article explains which smart security systems

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